February 2021

I think that many of us had hoped for a kindler, gentler year after 2020 finally ended. If Janu-ary is any indication, buckle up. It could be a bumpy ride. In light of that, I want to address briefly some of the back story of current events, especially since part of it seems to be based on theological issues.

When the Puritans set sail on the Mayflower, a minister preached a sermon before they de-parted where he mentioned building “a shining city on a hill.” That was their imagined purpose. We are taught that they came seeking religious freedom, but that came after the Puritans gained control of England, beheaded King Charles I, and Oliver Cromwell became head of state. One of their complaints was that the Church of England resembled too much of the Roman Catholic Church by burning candles, wearing vestments, and so on.. . . . .”

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