September 2022


It is difficult to believe that by the time all of you are reading this that we will be closing in on the end of Summer. It has been a very busy Summer for myself, your Vestry, and our church secretary, who have all been working hard “behind the scenes” to keep things running as smoothly as possible here at St. Paul’s.

Also, positive things have continued for us. We have been blessed with great church services this summer, including the Holy Eucharist services celebrated by Rev. Brown Mujete in August. He will also be with us on Sunday, September 4, when our services will go back to 10:30 a.m.

Other good things include our recent Outreach Project for Stuff a Bus, with donations from church members for $311. This was matched with Outreach funds for a total of $622 and a check was given to United Way. Thanks to all for your help with this worthy project.

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