Below are the Outreach Ministries that our St Paul’s Parish Family have been a part of recently……some for over 10 years.

  1. Prison Ministries / 100 dozen cookies baked by our Parish,

  2. Provide AA Group a meeting place on every Friday evening in our Parish Undercroft.

  3. Weekly food donations and part of our weekly offertory giving (food goes to a local Food Bank a few blocks from our Church).

  4. Provided Complete Christmas Dinner Meals for two local families, and enough follow up food for a week…

  5. Provided and prepared hot lunch meals & desserts, 4 times / year, at our local Soup Kitchen (typically serving 60 to 80 people)

  6. Financial donation to Darke County Community Unity (county wide non-profit group which typically addresses emergency needs for utility bills, rent payment, gas or transportation needs, etc.)

  7. Financial donation to our local FISH Organization (typically used for emergency food and clothing requests).

  8. Handmade Burp Cloths donated to new mothers at our local hospital.

  9. Pop Tabs for Cash Program at Dayton Ronald McDonald House (2 – 4 donations / year).

  10. Volunteer time at Darke County Community Christmas Drive (8 to 12 people staffing approximately a 10 hr. shift).

  11. Hosted our Greenville Area National Day of Prayer Noon Service (past 2 years).

  12. Provided Christmas Organ Concert, with baritone vocalist and flute, for the local community (past 4 years).

  13. Provided a Choral Cantata by Greenville High School Wavaires at Morning Worship Service.

  14. Discounted drink coupons for general public at a local coffee shop (2 times a year to increase Parish recognition and offering simple acts of kindness).

The Purpose of St. Paul’s is helping all people find a connection to God’s community.



2019 was a good year… Can we do it again in 2020?

The Outreach Commission routinely tries to meet in mid- to late January of each year to review and reflect on the previous year’s outreach efforts. We also plan for outreach efforts and events we could put in place to try and take God’s wish for us to do good works in his name with the resources we have here at St Paul’s Episcopal in Greenville, Ohio.

Our committee met on February 3, 2020 to do this annual review and planning again. From that meeting we list below the outreach events we propose to the vestry for this year.

→Kairos Prison Ministry spring cookie bake for New Castle, Indiana correction facility. We had to pass on this Spring’s event. Our local Kairos connection for several years is Mark Brooks in Greenville. He will be out of state in March during the planned prison visit.

→Easter Meal kits donation for three needy families on our area this year, an increase from 2019’s two families. This is a second year repeat outreach event and is similar in thought to our several years’ participation in Christmas meal donations and food festival week.

→Annie Oakley Day Parade, a bottled water give away on parade day in the church front sidewalk or our church parking lot front corner. Warm days of July and cold refreshing water from St Paul’s, hoping we plant some seeds of God’s sometimes randomly appearing acts of kindness.

→Late July/early August is time for Greenville City schools and United Way’s STUFF THE BUS PROGRAM. We had a very good outreach offering from our parish members on this new to St. Paul’s outreach event. The Vestry authorized matching funds, in past years, on a 1 to 1 basis for each donated item.

→In September, during the Downtown Greenville Car Show, we plan to again offer a popcorn and bottled water give away outreach. It was a huge success in 2019. Salty and crunchy snacks and cold refreshing bottled water to rinse it down hits the spot on a hot Saturday afternoon. Just more random acts of kindness from St Paul’s Episcopal.

→Kairos Prison outreach ministry Fall Cookie Bake. Another round of 100 dozen chocolate chip cookies planned for our Kairos contact friend Mark Brooks and his 3-day weekend prison visit and outreach of sharing the Gospel with prison inmates.

→We plan to again participate with Community Unity of Darke County in the annual bell ringing fund raiser for Christmastime money donations at Kroger.

→We also hope to provide Christmas dinners and food festival week stock the shelves for three needy families.

→We are in continuing discussions with Grace Resurrection for increased participation in their outreach needs and how our Parish might be able to respond. Look for more on this subject as we explore these opportunities.

→Improved display board postings of our Parish and Community outreach events in the undercroft and on our website. We plan to make more timely displays around the actual events, and to use more pictures displaying our activities and Parish participants.

So, even though we are a small Parish in terms of membership numbers, we are not embarrassed to stand in front of God and show that “we are not sitting on our hands and our wallets, Dear Lord. We are trying to understand your teachings to spread your good word. We are trying to listen to what it is that you are to have us do with our people and
treasure (money) resources.”

Note: The Outreach Commission is chaired by Chris Nelson, with Kim Bohler, Linda Cassel, and Tim Burns serving as members.