May 2023


I am writing this column in mid April and I can’t believe that May is arriving soon. We will have 2 Holy Eucharist services and 2 Liturgy of the Word services in May. Also, your Vestry has been communicating with the Diocesan Search Consultant and we are now ready to start the next big step in the process to find our new Priest in Charge.

We need to find 5-8 members of our congregation who are willing to serve on an Interview Committee. This is a very important committee and it is your chance to truly help out our church so that we can find the best Priest in Charge to help lead us forward in this transitional and pivotal time.

There is information in our May Epistle regarding the qualities needed for the committee persons as well as the tasks that they will work on. There is also a self nomination form that you will need to fill out and return to me if you are interested in serving on the committee.

This information will have been given out at church starting on April 23 and there will be extra copies available if needed, including the Interview Committee Self-Nomination form. Please feel free to speak with any of the Vestry members if you have any questions on this process. Please have your Self-Nomination forms to me by Sunday, May 7.

The Vestry will then meet to put together the committee.

Thank you and wishing everyone a blessed May!

Kim Bohler, Senior Warden

Click here for the May Epistle