June 2023


A new month is upon us and we are almost to the official start of summer on June 21. We will have 2 Holy Eucharist services and 2 Liturgy of the Word services in June. Much work continues to be done” behind the scenes” in order to keep things running smoothly at St. Paul’s in the absence of a Priest. Thank you to everyone who is helping out at this time in any way, big or small.

I have an update from my last column in May re: our Priest in Charge search process. Vestry members met on May 9 and selected the Interview Committee members according to the Diocesan guidelines. Thank you to everyone who turned in a Self Nomination form.

There will be 3 members of the congregation on the committee and those persons are: Chris Nelson, who will also be the Chair Person, Nancy Brumbaugh, and Rachel Grilliot. There will be 2 Vestry persons on the committee: Tim Burns, and myself. We had to get an ok from the Diocese for a 2nd Vestry person (myself) plus Senior Warden to be on the committee but we needed a minimum of 5 persons on the committee per the Diocesan rules.

The Interview Committee will have various tasks including the 1st one, which is a Parish Self-Study via a survey tool. That tool hasn’t been selected yet as of the deadline of this column but you will learn more soon. This is a great chance for everyone to help out as we will need the full participation of everyone for this important survey. We will try to keep the congregation updated as we can but please understand that most of the work done by the Interview Committee is confidential. Please know that we will be working hard to keep things moving along so that we have a new Priest in Charge as soon as possible.

Thank you to all who are serving on this very important committee.

Thank you and wishing everyone a blessed June!

Kim Bohler, Senior Warden

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