July 2022

Dear Friends, This will be my final article to you as your Priest. As I announced at the first of June, I have accepted a call to be Interim Rector at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I couldn’t tell you where then, but now all the paperwork is signed and the word is out.

I had no idea back in March of 2019 what the next three years would bring, but then that’s how it usually happens. We have hopes and dreams, and sometimes some apprehension. I would be naïve to say that it hasn’t been a bumpy ride. Actually, it seems more like a roller coaster with its ups and downs and wild turns.

Perhaps the wildest turn was the onset of the coronavirus pandemic at the beginning of 2020. We’re still in that even as restrictions have relaxed in this area. But numbers have a tendency to fluctuate. While the numbers of severe illness, hospitalization, and death are low, they continue to point us toward some caution.

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