February 2024


February has arrived and we will have another full month at St. Paul’s. We will have Holy Eucharist on 3 Sundays this month. Also, it is hard to believe but it will be time for Ash Wednesday on February 14th as well as the beginning of Lent. We will hopefully have a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper on February 13th (more to come on that).

Also, as I noted last month, we will have a new Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Ohio on February 17th. Rev. Kristin Uffelman White will be ordained on that date. A reminder also that she will be visiting St. Paul’s on Sunday, June 30th. The Bishop’s office has asked us to let them know as soon as possible if we might have any candidates for confirmations, receptions to our church, or baptisms. If you are interested in any of these please let us know right away.

Please join us this month and have a blessed February.

Kim Bohler, Senior Warden

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