February 2022

When I was in college, a local television station began giving out umbrellas to those who called
and answered a question, or to those who showed up at a publicity event. When unfolded, the umbrel-
la stated in large letters, “Tony said it would rain,” along with the station’s logo.

I never got one of those umbrellas, and probably wouldn’t have used it anyway because I don’t
like drawing attention to myself while providing free advertising. I’ve decided against clothing with
team or brand logos for the same reason. I did see a few of them on the streets when it did rain. But
come to think of it, I didn’t see anyone carrying one on a sunny day when Tony got it wrong

We’re used to checking weather forecasts. We’re inundated with dramatic advertisements for
local stations, offering dire predictions with words like “First Warning Weather” and the like. They even
warn us about sunny days to the point that we might want to hold the umbrella in front of the television
to shield us from their scare tactics. Better yet, just make use of the mute or power buttons.

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