August 2023


Hello to everyone and I hope that you have been enjoying these summer days. Hopefully you have been able to take some vacation time or will soon do so. Summer is also a great time to catch up with family and friends. This all nourishes our souls and “re-charges” us. Our services at St. Paul’s also nourish our souls and guide us in our Christian lives. We will have 2 Holy Eucharist services and 2 Liturgy of the Word services in August. We will also have coffee hours after the services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays and these are a great time for fellowship.

This continues to be a very busy time for your Vestry and the Interview Committee. The Interview Committee has been meeting regularly and we are working hard to keep things moving forward in our goal to help find a new Priest in Charge. As I write this in mid July, we are close to the deadline on our survey and so far we have had a very good response rate. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete their surveys and input their responses on the site or turn in their surveys so that we could input their responses on site for them. The Interview Committee and Vestry will meet with a person from the survey company in early August to review the results and interpretation of the data. This report, in addition to another required document, plus a Parish Profile will be approved by the Vestry and then sent to our Diocese. These documents will then be used by our Diocese when they post a job advertisement and then begin to review resumes and interview potential candidates for our Priest in Charge job. Please continue to keep St. Paul’s in your prayers at this time as we seek to find the person who can best lead us in the years ahead as we work to share our faith and the love of Jesus, help our community, and grow our church.

Kim Bohler, Senior Warden

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