August 2021

Why are we here? From time-to-time I ask that question, and most of the time it’s not after I’ve missed a turn while driving through an unknown area. Well, at least it’s not often such a literal question. St. Paul’s has been the sole presence of The Episcopal Church in Darke County, Ohio, since 1837. Its present building has sat at the corner of South Broadway and East Water streets since the beginning of the twentieth century. We have the history of its beginnings, including the names of those who met in someone’s home for prayer and fellowship according to the Book of Common Prayer.

That is what defines us. We are people who gather to worship according to The Book of Common Prayer. When you read the Constitution of The United States, particularly Amendment One, the freedom to worship not using that Book is a primary reason for what we call “separation of church and state.” A lot of different meanings have been piled on to that amendment since 1789, often adding more confusion than clarity.

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